Melissa here, owner and creator of FPOP.
Fashion Pop has now been launched and we are excited to bring you fashion that POPS at amazing prices!
With every puchase we donate towards women getting into vital medical trials for treatment of gynecologic cancers  and we are about supporting women and owning who they are
Our vision is to turn FASHION into POWER!
AH CRAZY but soooo good!
Everything under $150 great quality, bright colours and on trend looks.
What more could you want.
FPOP has now hit social media we just had a first magazine article in the peninsula essence magazine and the buzz is so exciting and now such beautiful women are now talking and wearing FPOP.
Check out our Instagram 💓
Fashion Pop has been my other baby!
I've been working on it for years.
I'm a mother of 3 gorgeous children and I love being creative and finding a stylish bargain.
Here at Fashion Pop you get to do both!
Im scouting incredible pieces just for you
Pop your bubble 
Melissa x